Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 4 )

76. What is my relation with the daughter of the son of my father’s sister?
Answer :- Niece

77. The number of days from 31 October 2011 to 31 October 2012 including both the days is
Answer :-367

78. Complete the series A, P, B, Q, C, ?
Answer :-R

79. How many chords can be drawn through 7 points on a circle?
Answer :-42

80. The decimal form of 15 + 2/10 + 3/100
Answer :-15.23

81. Add a suitable question tag :- He came here yesterday, ……………….?
Answer :-didn’t he

82. Change the voice :- A house is built by him.
Answer :-He builds a house

83. Complete the sentence :- If you study well ………….
Answer :- you will get first rank

84. Change into reported speech :- The doctor said to the patient, ‘Give up smoking.’
Answer :- the doctor advised the patient to give
up smoking

85. Correct the proverb meaningfully by replacing the verb :- Slow and steady is the race.
Answer :-wins

86. Find out the plural of the word ‘Louse’
Answer :-lice

87. Fill in the blank with right option :- Each student has ………. own problems.
Answer :-their

88. Use the right tense form of the verb :- The Chief Minister visits my house last year.
Answer :-visited

89. Give the opposite of the word ‘expand’
Answer :-contract

90. Pick out the word which is not a synonym of the given words :- abandon, foray, forsake, forgo
Answer :-Foray

91. Prima facie means
Answer :-At first glance

92. Substitute with one word :- One who treats minor disorders of the feet
Answer :-Chiropodist

93. Add a suitable preposition :- The teacher was furious …… me for being careless in the class.
Answer :-with

94. Identify the correct sentence
Answer :-He is adept in solving problems

95. Choose the missplet word.
Answer :-Extasy

96. Fill in the blanks with suitable article if necessary :- He is ………….. best dancer in the world.
Answer :-the

97. Find out the meaning of the word ‘abhorrence’.
Answer :-hatred and disgust

98. Replace the underlined word using the phrasal verb with similar meaning :- Our states undergo a period of acute financial crises.
Answer :- go through

99. Choose the option which has the meaning of the expression ‘to strike a chord’.
Answer :-to say something that other people

100. Which is wrongly used?
Answer :- a herd of ants

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 3 )

51. Which of the following belongs to antipyretics?
Answer :-Paracetamol

52. Bauxite ore is concentrated by which process?
Answer :- Magnetic Seperation

53. Pick out the substance having more specific heat capacity.
Answer :- Water

54. Choose the electromagnetic radiation having maximum frequency.
Answer :- Gamma rays

55. The most electronegative element in Periodic table is
Answer :- Flourine

56. The scattering of light by colloidal particle is called
Answer :- Tyndall Effect

57. Water gas is a mixture of
Answer :- CO & H2

58. The planetory model of atom was proposed by
Answer :- Rutherford

59. Transition elements are elements of
Answer :- D Block

60. Which one of the following is an example of renewable source of energy.
Answer :- Solar Energy

61. The value of 1.8 + 3.4 / 0.2 – 0.6 * 0.3
Answer :- 18.62

62. 2/5 of a rupee = ………. paise
Answer :-40

63. If 8X-1 = 2X+5, then X is
Answer :-4

64. The average of 5 items is X and if each item is increased by 4, which is the new average?
Answer :- (x+4)

65. The angle in a triange are in the ratio 1:2:3. The possible values of angles are
Answer :- 30, 60, 90

66. A person sells 36 oranges per rupee and incurs a loss of 4%. Find how many per rupee to be sold to have a gain of 8%.
Answer :-30

67. If a = 1, b= 2 then which is the value of ab+ ba
Answer :-3

68. A certain sum of money amounts to 5/4 of itself in 5 years. Find the rate percent per annum.
Answer :-51

69. If X% of 24 is 64, find X.
Answer :-266 2/3

70. A cylinder with base radius of 8 cm and height of 2 cm is melted to form a cone of height 6 cm. Find the radius of the core.
Answer :-8

71. Which among the following will continue the pattern in the series 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ?
Answer :-81

72. [(-4) * (-9) * (-25)] / [(-2) * (-3) * (-5)]
Answer :-30

73. River : Dam :: Traffic : ?
Answer :- Signal

74. Find the odd one [PRT, HJL, KMO, BDF]
Answer :-KMO

75. In a certain language THEN is coded as RLBS. For what word AEPJ is coded?
Answer :-CASE

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 2 )

26. Present Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh
Answer :-Yogi Adityanath

27. World Book Day is:
Answer :-23rd April

28. …………… is an initiative taken up by the Government of Kerala in a mission mode to restructure and revamp the public health system.
Answer :-Aardram

29. The real name of film actor Chiranjeevi
Answer :-K.Sivasankara Varaprasad

30. P.K.Mahanta was the Chief Minister of
Answer :-Assam

31. Vivekodayam [Journal] is related to
Answer :-Kumaranasan

32. Venganoor is the birth place of
Answer :-Ayyankali

33. Thatwaprakashika Ashram was founded by
Answer :-Vagbhadananda

34. First President of Travancore Devaswom Board
Answer :-Mannath Padmanabhan

35. Founder of Travancore Muslim Maha Sabha
Answer :- Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi

36. First Nuclear Reactor in India
Answer :- Apsara

37. Author of the book ‘After the First Three Minutes’.
Answer :- Thanu Padmanabhan

38. Father of Indian Ecology
Answer :- R.Mishra

39. The first American Astronaut conducted a ‘Space Walk’
Answer :- Edward White

40. Amitab Bachan elected to Indian Parliament form
Answer :- Allahabad

41. The heart of a healthy man beats normally per minute.
Answer :-70-80 times

42. Mangroves have special type of roots
A] Pneumatophores
B] Stilt and proproots
C] Horizontal and knee roots
D] All of the above
Answer :- (D)

43. Wildlife (Protection) Act of India was enacted on
Answer :- 1972

44. A disease spread through contact with soil is
Answer :-Tetanus

45. The young chicken raised specifically for meat are called.
Answer :-Broilers
46. Vitamin which is most likely to become deficient in alcoholics is
Answer :-Thiamine

47. Organ of Corti occurs in
Answer :- Internal ear

48. Xerophthalmia in man is caused by the deficiency of
Answer :- Vitamin A

49. World Biodiversity Day is
Answer :-N.A [World Bio-diversity Day – May 22]

50. The first National Park established in India was
Answer :- Jim Corbett

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 1 )

1. Author of the book ‘Punjabi Century’
Answer :- Prakash Tandon

2. It is situation in which the rains falls for a period and the little rain is not properly distributed to a particular area.
Answer :- Meteorological Drought

3. Planting of trees for commercial and non-commercial purpose is:
Answer :- Community Forestry

4. English education started in Travancore at the time of:
Answer :- Swathi Thirunal

5. ………….. is not a Martial art in Kerala
Answer :-Panchavadyam

6. The railway station, Venkittanarasimharajuvaripetta is in
Answer :-Andhra Pradesh

7. Krishnadevaraya belongs to …………. dynasty.
Answer :-Thuluva

8. The Ain-i-Akhari is made up of five books. The first book is called
Answer :-Manzil Abadi

9. Payaswini puzha is the tributary of:
Answer :- Chandragiri Puzha

10. The district, Kasargod came into being in
Answer :- 1984

11. The first Five Year Plan in India initially provided for a total outlay of
Answer :-2069 crores

12. …………… is the pilgrimage to the burial place of Sufi Saints.
Answer :-Ziyarat

13. Khalsa Panth is related to
Answer :- Guru Govind Singh

14. The second agitation organized by Gandhi against the British Government in India
Answer :-Non Cooperation

15. Leader of Kurichiar Revolt of 1812?
Answer :-Ramanambi

16. The oldest stock exchange of Asia
Answer :-Bombay Stock Exchange

17. ……….. is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations and apply this learning to improve peoples interactions with products, ssytems and environment.
Answer :-Ergonomics

18. Who propounded a new theory, the factor Endowment theory in connection with international trade?
Answer :-Bertil Ohlin

19. ‘Planning is conscious and deliberate choice of economic priorities by some public authority’. these are the words of:
Answer :-Barbara Wootton

20. The Government of India appointed a planning commission in:
Answer :-1950

21. Indian Constitution guarantees its citizens to assemble peacefully and without arms as per Article
Answer :- 19 (1) b

22. Micro plastics are pollutants of increasing environmental concern with particle size of less than:
Answer :- 5 mm

23. Annual Financial Statements is mentioned in the Article …… of Indian Constitution.
Answer :-112

24. …………. provides that all minorities whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administrate educational institutions of their choice.
Answer :-Article 30

25. Rangaswamy Cup is related with:
Answer :-Hockey

Ramaleela’s Negative Publicity Helping Dileep ??

Ramaleela is a malayalam political thriller movie directed by arun gopi and  produced by tomichan mulakupaadam under the banner of mulakupadam films.Story of ramaleela is written by Sachy.The lead roles of ramaleela is played by dileep , renji panicker and prayaga martin.The music of ramaleela is composed by Gopi sundar.

Dileep’s latest film, Ramallea’s negative publicity, helped Dileep out of trouble.
The crowd in front of the cine hall is proof that the people accepted Ramaleela and Dileep.

There was a hoax that manju warrior and women in cinema collective will boycott the movie Ramaleela, Ramaleela is releasing along with Manju warrior’s movie Udaaharanam sujaatha.