Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 4 )

76. What is my relation with the daughter of the son of my father’s sister?
Answer :- Niece

77. The number of days from 31 October 2011 to 31 October 2012 including both the days is
Answer :-367

78. Complete the series A, P, B, Q, C, ?
Answer :-R

79. How many chords can be drawn through 7 points on a circle?
Answer :-42

80. The decimal form of 15 + 2/10 + 3/100
Answer :-15.23

81. Add a suitable question tag :- He came here yesterday, ……………….?
Answer :-didn’t he

82. Change the voice :- A house is built by him.
Answer :-He builds a house

83. Complete the sentence :- If you study well ………….
Answer :- you will get first rank

84. Change into reported speech :- The doctor said to the patient, ‘Give up smoking.’
Answer :- the doctor advised the patient to give
up smoking

85. Correct the proverb meaningfully by replacing the verb :- Slow and steady is the race.
Answer :-wins

86. Find out the plural of the word ‘Louse’
Answer :-lice

87. Fill in the blank with right option :- Each student has ………. own problems.
Answer :-their

88. Use the right tense form of the verb :- The Chief Minister visits my house last year.
Answer :-visited

89. Give the opposite of the word ‘expand’
Answer :-contract

90. Pick out the word which is not a synonym of the given words :- abandon, foray, forsake, forgo
Answer :-Foray

91. Prima facie means
Answer :-At first glance

92. Substitute with one word :- One who treats minor disorders of the feet
Answer :-Chiropodist

93. Add a suitable preposition :- The teacher was furious …… me for being careless in the class.
Answer :-with

94. Identify the correct sentence
Answer :-He is adept in solving problems

95. Choose the missplet word.
Answer :-Extasy

96. Fill in the blanks with suitable article if necessary :- He is ………….. best dancer in the world.
Answer :-the

97. Find out the meaning of the word ‘abhorrence’.
Answer :-hatred and disgust

98. Replace the underlined word using the phrasal verb with similar meaning :- Our states undergo a period of acute financial crises.
Answer :- go through

99. Choose the option which has the meaning of the expression ‘to strike a chord’.
Answer :-to say something that other people

100. Which is wrongly used?
Answer :- a herd of ants

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 3 )

51. Which of the following belongs to antipyretics?
Answer :-Paracetamol

52. Bauxite ore is concentrated by which process?
Answer :- Magnetic Seperation

53. Pick out the substance having more specific heat capacity.
Answer :- Water

54. Choose the electromagnetic radiation having maximum frequency.
Answer :- Gamma rays

55. The most electronegative element in Periodic table is
Answer :- Flourine

56. The scattering of light by colloidal particle is called
Answer :- Tyndall Effect

57. Water gas is a mixture of
Answer :- CO & H2

58. The planetory model of atom was proposed by
Answer :- Rutherford

59. Transition elements are elements of
Answer :- D Block

60. Which one of the following is an example of renewable source of energy.
Answer :- Solar Energy

61. The value of 1.8 + 3.4 / 0.2 – 0.6 * 0.3
Answer :- 18.62

62. 2/5 of a rupee = ………. paise
Answer :-40

63. If 8X-1 = 2X+5, then X is
Answer :-4

64. The average of 5 items is X and if each item is increased by 4, which is the new average?
Answer :- (x+4)

65. The angle in a triange are in the ratio 1:2:3. The possible values of angles are
Answer :- 30, 60, 90

66. A person sells 36 oranges per rupee and incurs a loss of 4%. Find how many per rupee to be sold to have a gain of 8%.
Answer :-30

67. If a = 1, b= 2 then which is the value of ab+ ba
Answer :-3

68. A certain sum of money amounts to 5/4 of itself in 5 years. Find the rate percent per annum.
Answer :-51

69. If X% of 24 is 64, find X.
Answer :-266 2/3

70. A cylinder with base radius of 8 cm and height of 2 cm is melted to form a cone of height 6 cm. Find the radius of the core.
Answer :-8

71. Which among the following will continue the pattern in the series 6, 11, 21, 36, 56, ?
Answer :-81

72. [(-4) * (-9) * (-25)] / [(-2) * (-3) * (-5)]
Answer :-30

73. River : Dam :: Traffic : ?
Answer :- Signal

74. Find the odd one [PRT, HJL, KMO, BDF]
Answer :-KMO

75. In a certain language THEN is coded as RLBS. For what word AEPJ is coded?
Answer :-CASE

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 2 )

26. Present Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh
Answer :-Yogi Adityanath

27. World Book Day is:
Answer :-23rd April

28. …………… is an initiative taken up by the Government of Kerala in a mission mode to restructure and revamp the public health system.
Answer :-Aardram

29. The real name of film actor Chiranjeevi
Answer :-K.Sivasankara Varaprasad

30. P.K.Mahanta was the Chief Minister of
Answer :-Assam

31. Vivekodayam [Journal] is related to
Answer :-Kumaranasan

32. Venganoor is the birth place of
Answer :-Ayyankali

33. Thatwaprakashika Ashram was founded by
Answer :-Vagbhadananda

34. First President of Travancore Devaswom Board
Answer :-Mannath Padmanabhan

35. Founder of Travancore Muslim Maha Sabha
Answer :- Vakkom Abdul Khadar Moulavi

36. First Nuclear Reactor in India
Answer :- Apsara

37. Author of the book ‘After the First Three Minutes’.
Answer :- Thanu Padmanabhan

38. Father of Indian Ecology
Answer :- R.Mishra

39. The first American Astronaut conducted a ‘Space Walk’
Answer :- Edward White

40. Amitab Bachan elected to Indian Parliament form
Answer :- Allahabad

41. The heart of a healthy man beats normally per minute.
Answer :-70-80 times

42. Mangroves have special type of roots
A] Pneumatophores
B] Stilt and proproots
C] Horizontal and knee roots
D] All of the above
Answer :- (D)

43. Wildlife (Protection) Act of India was enacted on
Answer :- 1972

44. A disease spread through contact with soil is
Answer :-Tetanus

45. The young chicken raised specifically for meat are called.
Answer :-Broilers
46. Vitamin which is most likely to become deficient in alcoholics is
Answer :-Thiamine

47. Organ of Corti occurs in
Answer :- Internal ear

48. Xerophthalmia in man is caused by the deficiency of
Answer :- Vitamin A

49. World Biodiversity Day is
Answer :-N.A [World Bio-diversity Day – May 22]

50. The first National Park established in India was
Answer :- Jim Corbett

Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 1 )

1. Author of the book ‘Punjabi Century’
Answer :- Prakash Tandon

2. It is situation in which the rains falls for a period and the little rain is not properly distributed to a particular area.
Answer :- Meteorological Drought

3. Planting of trees for commercial and non-commercial purpose is:
Answer :- Community Forestry

4. English education started in Travancore at the time of:
Answer :- Swathi Thirunal

5. ………….. is not a Martial art in Kerala
Answer :-Panchavadyam

6. The railway station, Venkittanarasimharajuvaripetta is in
Answer :-Andhra Pradesh

7. Krishnadevaraya belongs to …………. dynasty.
Answer :-Thuluva

8. The Ain-i-Akhari is made up of five books. The first book is called
Answer :-Manzil Abadi

9. Payaswini puzha is the tributary of:
Answer :- Chandragiri Puzha

10. The district, Kasargod came into being in
Answer :- 1984

11. The first Five Year Plan in India initially provided for a total outlay of
Answer :-2069 crores

12. …………… is the pilgrimage to the burial place of Sufi Saints.
Answer :-Ziyarat

13. Khalsa Panth is related to
Answer :- Guru Govind Singh

14. The second agitation organized by Gandhi against the British Government in India
Answer :-Non Cooperation

15. Leader of Kurichiar Revolt of 1812?
Answer :-Ramanambi

16. The oldest stock exchange of Asia
Answer :-Bombay Stock Exchange

17. ……….. is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations and apply this learning to improve peoples interactions with products, ssytems and environment.
Answer :-Ergonomics

18. Who propounded a new theory, the factor Endowment theory in connection with international trade?
Answer :-Bertil Ohlin

19. ‘Planning is conscious and deliberate choice of economic priorities by some public authority’. these are the words of:
Answer :-Barbara Wootton

20. The Government of India appointed a planning commission in:
Answer :-1950

21. Indian Constitution guarantees its citizens to assemble peacefully and without arms as per Article
Answer :- 19 (1) b

22. Micro plastics are pollutants of increasing environmental concern with particle size of less than:
Answer :- 5 mm

23. Annual Financial Statements is mentioned in the Article …… of Indian Constitution.
Answer :-112

24. …………. provides that all minorities whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administrate educational institutions of their choice.
Answer :-Article 30

25. Rangaswamy Cup is related with:
Answer :-Hockey