Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 4 )

76. What is my relation with the daughter of the son of my father’s sister?
Answer :- Niece

77. The number of days from 31 October 2011 to 31 October 2012 including both the days is
Answer :-367

78. Complete the series A, P, B, Q, C, ?
Answer :-R

79. How many chords can be drawn through 7 points on a circle?
Answer :-42

80. The decimal form of 15 + 2/10 + 3/100
Answer :-15.23

81. Add a suitable question tag :- He came here yesterday, ……………….?
Answer :-didn’t he

82. Change the voice :- A house is built by him.
Answer :-He builds a house

83. Complete the sentence :- If you study well ………….
Answer :- you will get first rank

84. Change into reported speech :- The doctor said to the patient, ‘Give up smoking.’
Answer :- the doctor advised the patient to give
up smoking

85. Correct the proverb meaningfully by replacing the verb :- Slow and steady is the race.
Answer :-wins

86. Find out the plural of the word ‘Louse’
Answer :-lice

87. Fill in the blank with right option :- Each student has ………. own problems.
Answer :-their

88. Use the right tense form of the verb :- The Chief Minister visits my house last year.
Answer :-visited

89. Give the opposite of the word ‘expand’
Answer :-contract

90. Pick out the word which is not a synonym of the given words :- abandon, foray, forsake, forgo
Answer :-Foray

91. Prima facie means
Answer :-At first glance

92. Substitute with one word :- One who treats minor disorders of the feet
Answer :-Chiropodist

93. Add a suitable preposition :- The teacher was furious …… me for being careless in the class.
Answer :-with

94. Identify the correct sentence
Answer :-He is adept in solving problems

95. Choose the missplet word.
Answer :-Extasy

96. Fill in the blanks with suitable article if necessary :- He is ………….. best dancer in the world.
Answer :-the

97. Find out the meaning of the word ‘abhorrence’.
Answer :-hatred and disgust

98. Replace the underlined word using the phrasal verb with similar meaning :- Our states undergo a period of acute financial crises.
Answer :- go through

99. Choose the option which has the meaning of the expression ‘to strike a chord’.
Answer :-to say something that other people

100. Which is wrongly used?
Answer :- a herd of ants

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