Fireman Trainee 2017 Question Paper and Answer Key ( PART 1 )

1. Author of the book ‘Punjabi Century’
Answer :- Prakash Tandon

2. It is situation in which the rains falls for a period and the little rain is not properly distributed to a particular area.
Answer :- Meteorological Drought

3. Planting of trees for commercial and non-commercial purpose is:
Answer :- Community Forestry

4. English education started in Travancore at the time of:
Answer :- Swathi Thirunal

5. ………….. is not a Martial art in Kerala
Answer :-Panchavadyam

6. The railway station, Venkittanarasimharajuvaripetta is in
Answer :-Andhra Pradesh

7. Krishnadevaraya belongs to …………. dynasty.
Answer :-Thuluva

8. The Ain-i-Akhari is made up of five books. The first book is called
Answer :-Manzil Abadi

9. Payaswini puzha is the tributary of:
Answer :- Chandragiri Puzha

10. The district, Kasargod came into being in
Answer :- 1984

11. The first Five Year Plan in India initially provided for a total outlay of
Answer :-2069 crores

12. …………… is the pilgrimage to the burial place of Sufi Saints.
Answer :-Ziyarat

13. Khalsa Panth is related to
Answer :- Guru Govind Singh

14. The second agitation organized by Gandhi against the British Government in India
Answer :-Non Cooperation

15. Leader of Kurichiar Revolt of 1812?
Answer :-Ramanambi

16. The oldest stock exchange of Asia
Answer :-Bombay Stock Exchange

17. ……….. is a branch of science that aims to learn about human abilities and limitations and apply this learning to improve peoples interactions with products, ssytems and environment.
Answer :-Ergonomics

18. Who propounded a new theory, the factor Endowment theory in connection with international trade?
Answer :-Bertil Ohlin

19. ‘Planning is conscious and deliberate choice of economic priorities by some public authority’. these are the words of:
Answer :-Barbara Wootton

20. The Government of India appointed a planning commission in:
Answer :-1950

21. Indian Constitution guarantees its citizens to assemble peacefully and without arms as per Article
Answer :- 19 (1) b

22. Micro plastics are pollutants of increasing environmental concern with particle size of less than:
Answer :- 5 mm

23. Annual Financial Statements is mentioned in the Article …… of Indian Constitution.
Answer :-112

24. …………. provides that all minorities whether based on religion or language, shall have the right to establish and administrate educational institutions of their choice.
Answer :-Article 30

25. Rangaswamy Cup is related with:
Answer :-Hockey

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